Christmas Holiday Gift Guide!

Friends, it’s that time of the year again that we are starting to think a bit more about Christmas gifts. I wanted to put together a short gift guide which would suit most budgets from my store. Let’s start at the smaller items which would make great stocking fillers and work our way up to custom orders. Thanks for looking, I hope you are able to find something to suit your budget here.

Stocking fillers

A product photo. The focus of the image is the hand painted wooden ornament which contains a mouse on its hind legs and facing to the left of the image. The mouse is wearing a red scarf and has its nose up in the air. The wooden slice is sitting on a backdrop of fairy lights, artificial ivy and hessian. The whole image has a warm yellow- orange hue to it.

I’ve just made a small handful of hand painted Christmas decorations with different designs. These are £3 each.

A product photo of a pair of silver plated earrings with a large decorative, steam punk keys.

These beautiful, steam punk style earrings are £5 and have a silver plated hook fixing.

Colzo, a white woman is holding up a square print against a cream wall. The print is a cute kawaii style illustration of a rainbow with smiling clouds at each end. The text on the rainbow reads "Breathe Don't Leave". The background of the print is a light blue gradient fading to white in the bottom right corner.

This next one is part of a bundle in my shop. A mini print with a kawaii style illustration which reads “breathe don’t leave” a mental health mantra. You can get this design as a print, two stickers or as a badge. The bundle is £7.50, the print on its own is £5, the stickers are £2.50 for two and the badge is £1.50 so the bundle together is a saving of £1.50.

an illustration of a black woman with her hair curled. She is sitting outside a cafe on her laptop. Beside her is a glass with a straw. In the foreground at the right hand side is a leafy green plant. Behind the woman is an advertising sign with a hot chocolate on it and in the distance behind the board is two people with their backs to the viewer.

This is another one of the mini prints that are available in my shop. This is also £5.

Mid Range Items

A product photo of the 2023 calendar. The calendar is open on March showing St Cuthbert's Church of England, Burnley.

This next item is one that I’m really proud of! This is the 2023 calendar. The calendar is £10 with £2 from each one sold going to support Christians Against Poverty (CAP), Burnley & Pendle areas. Each illustration in the calendar is of different churches involved with CAP.

A watercolour illustration of a row of pastel houses in Ballyholme with a light green grass at the front and a light blue sky.

Prints are another wonderful option as a gift, my prints come in A5 & A4 sizes. Prices start from £15 for an A5 print. This one shown here is “Summer in Ballyholme”, and has been quite popular!

a row of pushbikes parked up outside a church on cement. The grass around the bikes has been dried out by the sun. The overall image has a warm hue.

Another option in the prints section, a photographic print again this comes in A5 & A4 sizes. Priced £15 or £20 respectively.


A mixed media illustration of an orange bungalow with a deep blue roof. There is a brown wooden fence around the property and stone steps up to the door. The sky is a light blue.

If you are looking for something a little bigger to give as a gift, why not consider a custom painting? Prices for custom building portraits start at £50 for a 5x7inch mixed media painting. Please note that for custom orders the current lead time is 2 weeks.

A mixed media, watercolour and ink portrait of a tan and white corgi.

I also offer dog portraits, starting from £50 for a 5x7inch painting. Please note that for custom orders the current lead time is 2 weeks.

Honourable mention

A pack of 5 Christmas cards sitting on top on fairy lights, artificial ivy & a hessian backdrop.

It wouldn’t be a Christmas gift guide without mentioning Christmas cards! Printed on high quality textured paper and come with a white envelope. These cards are blank inside for whatever message you wish to send to someone.

ColzoArt - Artist and Illustrator

Christian, Creative, Collabs. Artist & Illustrator based in the North of England.