June Update

Hello friends!

I know it’s still early in June, but I’ve been making some changes around here in the Colzo Art Studio and wanted to give a quick update of where things are at for me here.

First thing, I’m wanting to grow my mailing list marketing more as I’ve had a worry recently that if instagram suddenly was to disappear, my lovely friends and supporters would be gone! So, if you sign up to my mailing list you will be entered into a draw to win something from the printed items of my store, that could be a mug, print, t-shirt or greeting cards. If you’re not signed up to my mailing list, you can sign up by clicking here.

I’ve published my first studio vlog this week on YouTube – I had previously recorded a few different times and then chickened out, but I decided it didn’t need to be perfect, it just needed to get done, if you would like to watch my first vlog you can find it on YouTube by clicking here. I am hoping that I will be able to make it a weekly or fortnightly vlog depending on spoons (and how interesting the week in the studio has been!)

Something else that I’ve been thinking about is the environmental and social impact my little business has upon the world. In the last couple months, I’ve moved my print production to companies within the UK. One of the companies I’m using is offering “Fair Share” clothing. The website explains fair share as:

“Products showing the FAIR SHARE label from Continental Clothing, carry a small price premium that is passed directly on to the garment workers in India towards their Living Wage. 

Just a small increase in the price of the FAIR SHARE garment makes it possible to pay the poorest workers in the factory a wage increase of 50%. From the beginning of 2016 all the workers at the factory making these products in India receive an additional premium towards the living wage. The price premium of 10p per T-shirt and 54p per hoody is passed along the value chain, from the factory through to the retailer without being marked up, ensuring that the small additional cost at the point of sale is returned to the workers in its entirety. It should cover the basic needs of the workers and their families, allow for some savings and must be earned within a 48 hours working week.”

For more information about Fair Share, you can click here and it will take you to the Fair Share website.

Lastly, June is my birthday month, and I’ve set up a discount code for my shop. Use BirthdayParty20 at the checkout for 20% off your order, minimum spend is £15 and shipping for the UK is a flat rate of £4 and £13 for international orders.

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