Will You Love Me (If I’m Honest) Square Lustre Fine Art Print




Will You Love Me (If I’m Honest) 

This highly emotive abstract image was made in response to listening to Chris Llewellyn’s “Honest”. The line “will you love me if I’m honest” really struck a nerve with me as he was asking God for permission to be honest with his entire self, and in doing so gives us all permission to ask the same thing. 
This image conveys the complexity of life – joy, pain and everything in between. 

Lustre fine art prints

Our lustre art prints are printed on a flat, stiff, middle-weight paper with a white base and an instant dry, micro-porous coating. 

  • 275 gsm.
  • Bright white.
  • Lustre finish.
  • Wide colour gamut and high d-max.

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