“Seasons of Change”

The last few months I have been super focused on the illustration side of my art and business as you will have seen with the Padiham Calendar, which has been a real joy to complete. I am so thankful to the businesses who have been supporting me with the production of the calendar and for the people who believed in the project so much that they placed pre orders which have now been sent out and people are now receiving their orders. £1 from each calendar sold will be going to Padiham Parish Foodbank which is providing vital support those within our community.

I had a really helpful meeting with my business mentor last week where we chatted about the pillars of Colzo Art – Christian, Creative, Collaboration and how things are going with them all. We decided that now that I’ve spent time developing the collaboration aspect, it would be good to explore my creative side. This week, I’ve been to Towneley Hall to visit their “Artist of Hope” exhibition which was absolutely stunning.

Seasons of change from me came from taking some time off from the business to explore my creativity. I wanted to loosen up with my painting. I love where I live! I went through my iPad camera roll to find a handful of photos that I’ve taken over the last few years of living here in England and decided to paint seasons of change! They are both mixed media and both of these should hopefully be available as prints next week! Below is a couple of of previews of the paintings!

Seasons of Change Winter to Spring

Seasons of Change – Summer to Winter

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